English menu

10.8. Monday

Tomato soup with pesto (A-) 29,- (Vegan)

Bean foogath with tomatoes, jasmine rice (A-) 115,- (Vegan)

Pork tenderloin ( sous vide ) with Dijon sauce, potato puree (A-1,7,9,10) 140,-

Chicken kung-pao with egg noodles (A-1,5,6,12,14) 125,-


11.8. Tuesday

Salmon cream (A-1,4,7,9) 29,-

Cauliflower pancakes with potato pyreé and spinach (A-1,3,7) 115,- (Vegetarian)

Swedish meatballs, potato pyreé (A-1,3,7,9) 120,-

Grilled smoked ribs, American potatoes with BBQ sause (A-6,12) 130,-

12.8. Wednesday

French onion soup (A-1,3,7,12) 29,- (Vegetarian)

Vegetable moussaka with mixed leaf salad (A-1,3,7) 115,- (Vegetarian)

Tortila wrap with chopped pork with salsa roja and sour cream (A-1,3,7,12) 135,-

Cutlet with espresso-chilli marinade, roasted polenta or roasted potatoes, garlic dip (A-1,3,7) 140,-

13.8. Thursday

Turkish soup with red lentils (A-) 29,- (Vegan)

Lentil kofty with vegetable bulgur (A-1,3,7,9) 115,- (Vegetarian)

Öländska kroppkakor – Swedish stuffed dumplings (A-1,3,7) 120,-

Salmon with spinach baked in puff pasted, potato pureé (A-1,3,7) 145,-

14.8. Friday

Potato cream with corn (A-7) 29,- (Vegetarian)

Vegetable chop suey with jasmine rice with sesame (A-6,11,12,14) 110,- (Vegetarian)

Fried chicken schnitzels in corn flakes breadcrumbs, mashed potatoes with young onion (A-1,3.7 ) 125,-

Cannelloni stuffed with lamb ragout baked with veloute sauce (A-1,3,7,9) 135,-